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13X4 HD Frontal (ST,BW,LW ,DW)
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13X4 HD Frontal (ST,BW,LW ,DW)

10A Quality

Custom package

you can make your own lables, tagsbags. We also offer free make wigsservice.And dyeing service

shipping & Returns

The deals for America and Canada is free shipping.
The shipping fee is accoring the quantityof your order.
We accept return, but need make suredon’t effact secondary sale.

wholesale price & Factory price

lf your order over 20pcs, you can Whatsapp me:+8613822160124

Hair Care

1.Using a wide tooth comb, gently combhair from tip to the top.
2.Wash hair with WARM water andmoisturizing shampoo.(Stay away fromshampoo that contains sulphate).
3.Condition hair with COLD water andmoisturizing conditioner.
4.Rinse thoroughly.
5. Always air dry to ensure hair staysshiny and does not look brittle.
6. Before bed, always wrap with a silkbonnet.

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